A Wholehearted Approach


We create a bespoke practice for everyone who comes on retreat with us, combining our training and knowledge with an individualised approach to teaching that ensures the abilities, needs and sensibilities of each guest are considered.

The yoga we teach is based around the practice of our teacher and mentor Dr Omanand - Guruji, who we studied with at The Paramanand Institute in India, using the physical practices of yoga to help move closer towards the inner self.

Yoga philosophy underpins everything we teach, with the key yogic texts Patanjalis Yoga Sutras, The Baghvad Gita and The Upanishads forming the basis of what we practice and hope to pass on to our retreat guests.

In our sessions we focus on tuning into the breath, creating ease and space in the body and quietening the mind. Our practice explores ways to release some of the physical tension we hold and find ways to keep it in check on a long term basis. Using asana (physical postures) and Pranayama (breathing techniques) we share practical ways to relieve tension, encourage relaxation and stop the ‘chatter’ of our minds.

Variations are offered to suit different levels of ability and everyone will be encouraged to work at their own pace. 

On retreat you will practice meditation daily and explore different models that use sound and visualisation to help develop your ability to stay in a quiet and meditative state for longer as the retreat goes on. Our meditation practice is influenced by the use of Himalayan Singing Bowls that help to quieten the mind and re-balance the body’s natural vibration. 

himalayan singing bowl therapy

singing bowls.jpg

Himalayan Singing Bowls

Ollie trained under Santa Ratna Shakya at the Himalayan Singing Bowl Centre in Boudhanath, Kathmandu. 

Based in ancient Tibetan tradition, he learned sound and vibration techniques for meditation and healing using hand beaten traditional singing bowls. 

The bowls are an integral part of our practice and are incorporated into the daily retreat yoga and meditation sessions. One to one singing bowl meditation sessions are also offered to retreat guests. 

Our set of seven bowls were handmade in Patan, Kathmandu. Each bowl is unique but corresponds and aligns with the natural vibrations of the seven chakras. We also have a very special Full Moon bowl (pictured) that are made outdoors in the light of the full moon and take months to complete. Our bowl corresponds with Anjali Chakra-the heart centre and is a beautiful addition to our set.

Therapeutic Techniques

In addition to the use of the bowls in group meditation, we also offer 2 different one to one therapies-Balancing and Relaxing, that use the vibration and sound of the bowls to bring about a deep state of relaxation.

The recipient lies down on their back and bowls are placed at specific points around the body. The practice is hands off with the bowls played around the recipient creating a sound bath that stills the mind and helps to naturally assist a meditative state.