Setting Intentions

New Year Views from Wholehearted HQ

New Year Views from Wholehearted HQ

The onslaught of The New Years Resolution gives me the hebejebes. I’m rubbish at giving things up and I object to the suggestion that too many of things we do that are Negative and Bad For Us and must be Given Up. Of course, you can’t eat a chocolate orange for breakfast every day and whilst some of us may have done that over the festive season (ahem…) too much of a good thing does get boring and soon we’ll all be craving more simple gentle foods as the season peters out. I can vouch for this on account of eating too much yule log yesterday and feeling by bedtime that I’d eaten waaay over the daily quota of buttercream icing. As a result I’ll be giving it a miss today, rather than yesterday’s one slice per hour….

Anyway, at this time of Resolution I’ve been mulling over the notion and practice of intention setting as it’s something we are constantly doing as part of our daily lives and our yoga practice.

The word Resolve comes from Latin resolvere, "to loosen, undo, settle."  The kind of definition you might use when you are finding a ‘resolution’ to a problem or dispute but almost the complete opposite of how ‘resolution’ is thought of at this time of year, when it’s all about tightening over loosening, doing over undoing and action over settling. But really a resolution is just a form of committing to doing something in a certain way, so surely it’s better to think of it as something positive, something meaningful, something good.

We’re all about the intention here. We set them for the short term, the long term, with moon phases & planetary events, when we go for a walk and of course every time we get on our yoga mats.

And these regular check is are an essential part of keeping track with ourselves and each other. We have a pretty randomly scheduled life and whilst we don’t have a conventional timetable, Monday still rapidly morphs into Friday, time slips by, life ticks over and before we know it a whole season has passed.

Keeping a sense of checking in has been a valuable tool for us to not get lost in the craziness of starting and sustaining this new life in France. Every time we take the dog for a walk we have a different form of the same conversation-making sure the other is happy, discussing our options, planning ahead to keep things moving and making peace with the idea that things might not ‘work’ in the way we once envisaged.

But the thing we come back in the smallest and grandest of all our intentions is how to do all of this with a wholehearted approach. No, it’s not just a name! We want to be sure that whatever we do, each of the steps we take on this journey, we do it with our full attention, with great awareness and with a wholehearted heart.

So our 2018 intentions are of course to have a fabulously successful year and whatever shape that success takes we’ll endeavour to embrace it fully. From succeeding against the gastropods to finally grow a brassica, to breaking even in our business ventures. We’ll be taking it step by step, day by day and keeping those intentions flowing through the seasons and chapters of the coming year.

Bonne Anne Tout le Monde! 

Taking things very seriously here at Wholehearted Retreats....

Taking things very seriously here at Wholehearted Retreats....

Lucy Howell